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Verano- collaboration with Shadow & Growth

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In this piece we collaborated with Nikki Berger Martinez, owner and maker of Shadow & Growth. Nikki’s sculptural work is made from found and foraged materials gathered from the areas surrounding her home in central Tucson. She collects discarded organic materials from the desert and minimally arranges them to evoke a sense of growth, renewal and emerging fullness. In this piece we see beauty in the unexpected, Texas Mountain Laurel seeds & Mesquite screw beans, made into beads. Through the reclamation of waste material we created a beautiful beaded hat band.

TypeCenter Dent Wide Brim Fedora

Adjustable Size: With a tie of a knot, adjust the fit of your hat to the ideal size from 21 ¼ to 23 ¼ inches.

Dimensions:  Ribbon Weaved Brim: 3", Crown: 4" 

Color: Natural

100% Weaved Paper Hat
Genuine Leather Cord
Handstitched" Century Plant" 
Custom Shadow & Growth Bead collection of Palm Fronds

Origin: All of our hats begin in Ecuador as the body is molded, then completed at our studio in Tucson, AZ. Here we shape, trim and handcraft all of the hatbands, leather goods, stitched stones and feathers.

Made in USA

Features: Breathable- provides adequate airflow, allowing you to keep cool.

We take pride in hand crafted goods & natures unique imperfections. No two hats are identical. * Includes tote bag for safe keeping.

Green Zone is our adjustable range.

Verano- collaboration with Shadow & Growth

Verano- collaboration with Shadow & Growth