Hat Care

Cardinal Rules
Always grasp your hat by the brim
Let it rest crown down
If you get caught in the rain dry your hat as soon as possible to avoid shrinkage
Storing your hat
Your first choice should be a sturdy hat box. If your stacking multiple hats in one box always stack the heavier fabrics on the bottom.
Hang it on a hook or store in you're closet shelf (Crown Down)
Keep it away from a window or your car. Sunlight and extreme heat or moisture can alter the shape and fabric of your fedora.
Treating a stain
Remember the longer you wait to treat a stain the harder it is to remove.
Hand wash. Fill your sink with cold water and 1 tablespoon of detergent. Mix and let it soak for 5 minutes and gently rub with your clean fingers. Rinse with clean water and gently dry with clean towel. Do not scrub or use a brush.
I sat on my hat…
The cotton blend fabric from your fedora has a memory for the shape of its original mold.
Hold the hat over steam from a kettle, fabric steamer or the steam option from your iron. Recreate the pinch and shape with your hands. The crown or brim should come back to its original form.
Funky smell?
The funky odor is caused by sweat and bacteria built up in the fabric or interior band of your hat. To help remove the smell place your hat in the freezer overnight, the temperature will eliminate bacteria causing odor.

The best way to travel with your fedora is to purchase a hat box or wear it on your head. If that isn’t possible, we need to pack your hat in the suitcase. Before you start, your hat should be the first thing in your empty suitcase. Place your hat upside (crown first), start by creating a nest inside your suitcase using clean T-shirts and socks to fit around the crown creating a comfortable mold for your hat. Take a couple of soft items and stuff them inside your hat until its flush across the top. To finish off, fold a T shirt into a square and place it on top of the brim creating a flat surface. Once you arrive, unpack and hopefully dent free.