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Raider- collaboration with Sigfus & Juju and Moxie

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For this piece we had the distinct pleasure to collaborate with two artists: 

Lauren Valenzuela, owner and maker of Sigfús Designs. Lauren began Sigfús working with the medium of polymer clay and continues to expand her craft, most recently incorporating resin, wood, lucite, wire, and other elements in her work. In only a handful of years, Lauren Valenzuela’s earrings have become a worldwide brand — all handmade in the Old Pueblo.


Rachel Rae, a graphic designer from Tucson & owner of Juju & Moxie. The desert is a huge influence in her creative process, not just the landscape, but the array of vibrant and unique folk in the community. Her illustrations offer a funky spin on Mexican folklore & the Sonoran Dessert. Through interactions with our southwest kin, their presence weaves its way throughout what transpires in her studio. Rachel feels incredibly fortunate to work alongside so many amazing Tucsonan maker/artists and is inspired by the spectrum of talent they bring to our city's culture.

TypeCenter Dent Wide Brim Fedora

Adjustable Size: With a tie of a knot, adjust the fit of your hat to the ideal size from 21 ¼ to 23 ¼ inches.

Dimensions: Wired Brim: 2 7/8", Crown: 4"

Color: Distressed Olive Green, Sun bleached for 32 hrs.

65% Cotton , 35% Polyester 
Natural Leather Hat Band
Juju & Moxie Custom Saguaro Illustration Patch 
Sigfus Custom Polymer Clay Brim Cuff

Origin: All of our hats begin in Ecuador as the body is molded, then completed at our studio in Tucson, AZ. Here we shape, trim and handcraft all of the hatbands, leather goods, stitched stones and feathers.

Made in USA

Features: All-Season. Great for anytime of the year, in the absence of extreme conditions.

 We take pride in hand crafted goods & natures unique imperfections. No two hats are identical. * Includes tote bag for safe keeping.

Green Zone is our adjustable range.

Raider- collaboration with Sigfus & Juju and Moxie

Raider- collaboration with Sigfus & Juju and Moxie