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Natural Dyeing & Hat Making Workshop

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Date: Sunday April 14th

Time: Noon to 2:30pm

Location: House of Hatters-Hat Bar

440 North 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ.

Reservation Fee is $40.00

The reservation fee will be applied toward the final price of the hat you build in the workshop. Our custom hat prices range from $85 to $180.

Join us in this immersive natural dyeing workshop where you'll discover the art and science behind transforming textiles with nature's vibrant hues. Led by experienced artisan Tina Bolt, the workshop will start with selecting a variety of materials from the hat bar: leather, suede, cotton, grosgrain and chiffon. You'll delve into the world of botanicals, exploring a spectrum of colors derived from plants, roots and flowers. Through hands on demonstrations and techniques, you will unleash your creativity as you experiment with various dyeing methods and use the materials later on in the workshop as part of the accessories to create your custom hat. 

Alain will be leading the hat making portion of the workshop, where you will learn how to steam, shape, and create your own custom hat using the materials you dyed and many more that are available at the at bar. After the designing process is completed, you will learn how to sew and finish your hat.

By the end of this workshop, you will have been taught how to use natural materials to create dyes and make a hat that will be one of a kind and yours! We look forward to seeing you. Space is limited to 15 guests.

Once you have established payment, a calendar invite will be sent to secure your spot/ remind you of the event.

Thank you

Alain & Tina

*Reservations may be transferred but not cancelled.

Natural Dyeing & Hat Making Workshop

Natural Dyeing & Hat Making Workshop