Our Story


House of Hatters was created as an answer to hat sizing and the challenges of finding the perfect fit.

Our process began with the concept of The Perfect Fedora. Modeled after a classic shape and crafted with a breathable cotton blend material that makes it perfect for year-round wear and travel. This season we introduced the Tulum Collection to the family and worked with natural straw and weaved paper.

Don’t stress about sizing, as we’ve got that portion dialed in. A properly fitted hat should be comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Our hats feature an inner drawstring, which can be adjusted to gently grip your head just above the ears, and then secured with the tie of a knot, custom fitting your hat to the ideal size.

Each season, our team scouts a location from around the world. A collection is created bringing unique culture, artisanal work and handcrafted materials sourced locally from the area. Native textiles, stones and signature pieces are hand-stitched and incorporated into the hatband, crown and brim. These intricate finishes are assembled in Tucson, Arizona and define the harmonious balance between culture, tradition and modern-day functionality.